Brookefields is actively engaged with the community and is a socially responsible organization.We, as an organization, have a dedicated annual calendar to contribute towards society through our initiatives which range from supporting the environment(such as Go Green & Environment Awareness programs) to highlighting social causes(such as Traffic Rules Awareness programs).

We conceptualize, plan and execute events, volunteering our resources -be it time, money or efforts; bringing various relevant organizations together, to ensure that the cause is promoted and awareness created amongst mall visitors.

The various NGO’s and organizationswe have supported through our events include Make-A-Wish Foundation, Make-A-Difference, Environment Conservation Group,Siruthuli, Animal Rescuers , Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore Cancer Foundation, Mohan Foundation & P.S.G Hospitals for Organ donation drive,Save the Globe, traffic police etc.

We will continuously strive to organize events to support and bring awareness to social causes thus involving in CSR on a large scale.

As a part of Mall marketing and CSR initiative we have initiated & founded Kovai Green League with Bosch , WWF-India & Rotary Club of Coimbatore to increase the green cover of the city by partnering with schools & colleges. Through the forum the following has been achieved:

  • We have conducted sessions for over 3000+ students on Carbon Footprints , Wealth out of waste and formed Green Champion clubs in all schools so that they can take the green initiative forward.
  • We have Conducted Greenest campus Awards for Schools to encourage and recognize green campuses.

The following link is for Kovai Green League Facebook page

We have also conducted sessions for over 200 + participants on Cloth Bag making using used clothes to encourage use of Cloth bags over Plastic bags We have conducted terrace gardening sessions to spread awareness on the same. We are working with our tenants to try phase out use of Plastic bags in the store ,currently the mall has over 65 stores who are giving cloth or paper bags and no plastic bags.